Three Ways To Reach Your Guitar Playing Goals Much Faster

Having goals in guitar playing makes learning more fun and exciting. Read this article to find out how to reach your guitar playing goals a lot faster.

How To Reach Your Guitar Playing Goals Faster

There is nothing more motivating as a guitarist than when you see yourself quickly reaching your musical goals. Those who maintain this kind of motivation, usually accomplish the biggest, most impressive musical feats (think of your favorite guitarists… all these players are probably highly motivated in one way or another). To speed up the process for becoming the guitarist you want to be, take the following crucial actions:

Make Your Practice Effective And Efficient

When you practice guitar without focus, without goals and spend your time playing around, you rarely make much progress. Practicing guitar effectively and efficiently makes you a better player in less time. First, make sure that all the things you practice lead you towards your greatest guitar playing goals. If they do not, you are setting yourself up to NOT make progress. Get this in line first, and if you don’t know what you should be practicing, find a guitar teacher who will tell you.

Note: A guitar teacher also helps you understand how to practice in order to get the best results from your time. This makes your practice more effective and efficient.

Organize your practice time with a schedule and practice consistently. The more consistently you practice, the faster you can improve. In addition, track and measure your progress each week to see what specific areas of your playing are getting better and which ones still need improvement. This helps motivate you when you see yourself getting closer to your goals, and helps you practice more productively.

Fill Your Mind With Empowering Thoughts

Don’t let self-doubt and fear of failure overtake your guitar playing and keep you from moving forward. So many guitarists let these kinds of thoughts enter their head and freeze in place or never try as hard as they could to get better. Instead of doing this, fill your head with empowering thoughts and understand that you really can achieve anything you want on guitar. Remember, all of the very best guitar players sucked at one time. At your current skill set, you are probably better than all of them were at one point. Yet, they went on to become the guitarists they are now, and so can you. Whenever you come across difficult things in your playing, see it as a challenge to overcome rather than a barrier that stands in your way.

Focus On Achieving Really Big Musical Goals

When you make bigger musical goals for yourself, it makes achieving smaller goals seem much easier. This motivates to get better faster. Examples of big goals might include: being able to improvise great solos for 15 minutes without making a lot of mistakes or repeating the same ideas over and over… or maybe even recording your own solo album. Things like this make small goals (such as learn how to do two hand tapping) seem insignificant in comparison. Even if you don’t reach really big goals for a while, you will accomplish so much in the process. For best results, take guitar lessons with an experienced teacher who will help you expand your goals. Having a
guitar teacher gives you access to a wealth of knowledge that you wouldn’t have on your own.

When you apply these three ideas into your guitar playing it becomes much easier to achieve whatever goal you have. Apply them now, and never look back!