How to play with other people easily by learning how to play the blues as a beginner

As a beginner guitar player, it can seem difficult to start playing with other people. What song would you play? Would you be good enough? What if they don’t share the same taste for music?

They are common concerns that beginners have when it comes to playing with other people. It can seem scary.

If your heart drops when someone asks you if you play the guitar and wants to play with you. Then learning the blues may be a good answer for you.
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Learning the blues, is a really great way for beginners to get started with playing with other people because you only have to play three chords to get started. And they are simple chords too. You don’t need to worry about playing any difficult songs or scales either to get started.

The three chords that you need are: A major, E major and D major. You may see some blues including some other chords. But to get started, you only need these few chords to start playing.

The order that you play these three chords are important too.

There is a specific 12 bar pattern that you follow when you play the blues, which is also why this is called the “Twelve bar blues”:

| A | A | A | A |
| D | D | A | A |
| E | D | A | E |

The pattern is repeated over and over again. So it’s important that you count well and keep the rhythm so that when you play with someone else. All you have to do is learn the chords and the pattern.

In general, blues is played with 4 beats in each bar.

When you are a beginner guitar player playing with someone who is more advanced than you. They can either still play rhythm with you, or they can do some soloing on top.

And the best thing is that when you improve your guitar playing, you can add variance to the 12 bar blues. Such as changing the strumming pattern, going from open chords to barre chords, adding in 7
th chords, adding in little pentatonic licks after you’ve played the chord, adding in phrasing elements.

The most important things to practice as a beginner being confident with playing the blues includes:
-Learn the chords off by heart
-Smooth chord changes
If you get those three things down, other people will enjoy playing with you. Especially if you are great at keeping time.

And the most important thing is practice playing with other people as well. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. And the more confident you will feel too

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