Can everyone play guitar?

Can everyone play guitar? Do you need to have congenital physical abilities? Do you need inborn talent and musical ears to become a guitarist? Do you need to have a high IQ level for it? Fingers of special length and thickness? Am I to old or young for this?


Did you ever ask yourself questions like these? I am sure, that a lot of people, who want to play guitar and have no idea about what they are going to face, ask them. What’s more, I meet some people, who come to my class with some knowledge, but who stucked in learning, also do ask such questions.
After I have learnt myself and helped a lot of guitarists, I decided to write this article. I did it in way to show people, who want to high their guitar skill, some real problems, which may mess them, and to break some popular myths about learning to play an instrument.
So, before getting to our business, let’s firstly deal with some myths. Let’s start with questions from the beginning of the article. In fact, there is only one question, which has “Yes” as answer. It is “Can everybody play guitar?”. An expert in teaching guitar Tom Hess says, if your IQ is higher than room temperature, then
you can master guitar. In my opinion, this phrase shows everything perfectly how it is, and I’m sure, you will agree with it while reading this article. Below, I will answer the rest of the questions.
Do I need some special physical abilities?
No, you don’t.
Any physical ability can be trained.
Do I need inborn talent and hearing to become a guitarist?
No, you don’t.
Creativity and hearing can be trained as well. What’s more, people, who don’t have inborn abilities, usually work harder and go higher, while talented guys hope on their talent only, which is of course not always enough.
Should I have high IQ to do this?
Not really. Musical practice itself will train your IQ.
Do I need to have fingers of concrete length and thickness?
Not at all!
You can find a lot of famous guitarists with short or thick fingers. For example Ingwie Malmsteen and Tom Hess. You also can find tons of videos on the web with children in the age of 3-4 years, playing guitar. Even more, guitarist Mark Goffeney was born without hands and mastered playing guitar with his feet!
Maybe I am too young or old for this?
Music is not a sport. Any age has it’s advantages and disadvantages. For kid or a teen, it’s usually easier to train muscle memory. From the other side, more aged people usually concentrate better. If you want to grab a guitar and make some music – go on right now! Don’t wait another 10 years to regret, that you didn’t start back then!
As you can see, the questions from the beginning are not the reasons, which will pull back your progress in playing the guitar. Usually these are just excuses, people make up for themselves to avoid learning or to give it up. It is always easier – give it all up and do nothing. I hope, that you won’t join these people and won’t let the circumstances control your dream.

Pavel Bocharov
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